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photo Sénat : Salon des Messagers d'Etat,
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Europe parlementaire magazine

The next issue of Europe Parlementaire Magazine, dedicated to the Digital Economy, will be published on January 2011

Our forthcoming issue will be entirely devoted to the new stakes in the strategic deployment of ultra-fast broadband digital coverage in France, and the development of new digital uses and services for local governments, communities and businesses. It will feature the points of view of:

Neelie KROES, European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda
Bruno LE MAIRE, Minister for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries, Rural Affairs and Town and Country Planning (Regional Development)
Minister, attached to the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry, responsible for Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy

Damien ABAD
, Deputy of the European Parliament, representing South East France, and member of the Rhone-Alpes Regional Council
, Deputy for Tarn to the National Assembly, as well as member of its Finance Commission, and Vice-President of its Internet, Audiovisual and Information Society Study Group. He is also President of the Tarn Regional Council.
, Deputy for Seine-et-Marne at the National Assembly, as well as Member of its European Affairs Commission. He is also Mayor of Coulommiers
Jacques PÉLISSARD, Deputy for Jura to the National Assembly, Mayor of Lons-le-Saunier, President of the Community of Townships of Bassin-de-Lons-le-Saunier, and President of the French Mayors Association (AMF).
Dominique CAILLAUD
, Deputy for Vendée to the National Assembly, and President of the French Association for Geographic Information (AFIGEO).
, Deputy for Alpes-Maritimes to the National Assembly, President of the Alpes-Maritimes Regional Council, and Nice City Councilman.
Claude EVIN
, ex-Minister and President of Île-de-France's Regional Heath Agency.
Daniel-Georges COURTOIS
, Member of the Authority for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Sectors (ARCEP).
François-Daniel MIGEON
, General Director of the State Modernization Agency (DGME) of the Ministry for the Budget, Public Accounts and State Reform
, President of the French Telecom Federation (FFT).

EUROPE PARLEMENTAIRE Special Correspondent – North America: An exclusive investigative report on the United States’ digital priorities at the highest levels of government.

 Essential themes

This issue provides the opportunity to explore several essential themes and to present the varying points of view of experts and practitioners in the electronic communications field and the digital economy, along with those of members of Parliament and other government officials.
It has been a challenge to combine the different perspectives on communications and the digital society, coming from the governmental and business worlds. These points of view, though complementary, do not always use the same vocabulary, the same analytical frameworks or methodology, even if they seek to ultimately achieve the same long-term result of being socially effective.

Strategic Participants

The major trends that will guide the future of this sector are explored via interviews and in-depth articles written by leading experts in the field.
This new special issue offers an opportunity for different players in the political and economic arenas of telecoms and new media, to outline their actions, their achievements and their projects, thus allowing them to broadcast this information to their regional, national and European partners.
The basic developments in the digital field
The quality of the contributions and the civic spirit guiding the interviews in this issue, gives local, national and European elected officials, as well as government and public policy makers, the most current information available on the digital society.

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