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photo Sénat : Salon des Messagers d'Etat,
Hémicycle, Façade Nord côté cour d'honneur

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Europe Parlementaire No. 5, dated October-November-December 2010, was distributed to elected officials, ministers and government policymakers at the end of September 2010

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The French government’s ‘National Loan’ spending plan; the national ultra-fast broadband program; investments in infrastructures; new uses and services; “paperless-office” practices in government, and more.



Claudy LEBRETON, President of the Côtes d’Armor General Council; President of the Association of French Departments (ADF); President of the European Confederation of Counties (CEPLI)

INTERNATIONAL – Digital Europe:

Sophie AUCONIE, Member of the European Parliament, representing the Centre Massif Central region; member of the Regional Development Commission and Vice President of the Public Services Intergroup of the European Parliament,

Special correspondent  - Asia-Pacific: At the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Somusho), Japan.  An exclusive investigative report, at the highest levels of the Japanese government, on the investment priorities in digital matters.


Christian Estrosi, Minister of Industry
, Senator from Eure; Mayor of Bernay; commissioned by the Prime Minister of a temporary mission on the financing of ultra-fast broadband, under the aegis of the Minister of Rural Areas and Spatial Planning, and the Minister of State Responsible for Forward Planning and Development of the Digital Economy.
, Senator from Vendée; Secretary of the Commission for Economic Affairs, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning; First Vice-President of the Vendée Regional Council.
Pierre Morel-A-L’Huissier
, Deputy for Lozère to the National Assembly; member of the Lozère Regional Council; Mayor or Fournels; member of the Law Commission at the National Assembly.
Jean-Ludovic Silicani
, President of the Authority for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Sectors (ARCEP).
, Deputy for Lot-et-Garonne to the National Assembly; member of the Parliamentary Office of Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices; Mayor of Agen; President of the Agen Agglomeration Community.
Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet
, Minister of State to the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Forward Planning, Assessment of Public Policies and Development of the Digital Economy
Hervé Novelli
, Minister of State for Trade, Crafts, Small and Medium Enterprises, Tourism and Consumer Services.
, General Director of the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI) of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment
François-Daniel MIGEON
, General Director of the Office of State Modernization (DGME), of the Ministry for the Budget, Public Accounts and State Reform.
Jean-Yves Capul
, Assistant Manager of Teaching Programs for the Training of Teachers and Digital Development, at the General Office of Teaching of the Ministry of National Education
Laurent DEGOS
, Member of the Academy of Sciences; President of Institute for Health Policy Studies; President of the Board of the National Authority for Health.


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