photo Sénat côté du cour d'honneur

photo Sénat : Salon des Messagers d'Etat,
Hémicycle, Façade Nord côté cour d'honneur

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Distribution by internal mail systems

but politically and economically independent

This database enables us to create personalised mailing lists. As far as possible, items are delivered by hand to individual mailboxes. Maintaining our distribution network requires rigorous know-know and distribution channels that can convey communications material legally to the addressees. The material must be designed according to strict criteria and be free of political and economic affiliations.

La Documentation parlementaire is delighted to be able to share this personal mailing network, chiefly through the distribution via internal mail systems of the quarterly magazine Europe parlementaire, delivered primarily to parliamentarians and major regional, national and European socio-economic actors.

The messages in the magazine thus reach every member of parliament, senator and member of the economic and social council and other organisations, who receive the magazine directly in their personal mailboxes.

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