photo Sénat côté du cour d'honneur

photo Sénat : Salon des Messagers d'Etat,
Hémicycle, Façade Nord côté cour d'honneur

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drawn from a continuously updated database

The 41,000 communes of the French Revolution have evolved to become the 36,000 communes of France today. Given the upheavals that our territories and population have experienced in just over two centuries, the number of municipalities has been relatively stable. The administrative divisions of France have changed little since the Revolution. Since 1789 the communes have been France’s municipal councils and mayors have embodied the reality of that legal entity and the affinity French people feel with the municipality they live in.

La Documentation parlementaire’s mailing list is a reflection of the institutions in France and the European Union. It is the reflection of the way France and the European Union are organised. It is the reflection of an identity.

Our mailing list of personal addresses – drawn from a continuously updated database – guarantees the efficiency of our services. The list details European institutions, the high jurisdictions of the French state, key international organisations, the administrative divisions of France, the most influential associations of elected officials, diplomatic missions, socio-economic organisations, the education and research sectors, publicly-owned media and, of course, major corporations and their corollary: the investment divisions of leading venture/growth capital companies.
The fixed institutional section of the database is complemented by a more variable section comprising key organisations, institutions and companies by sector.

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